Raymond W. Converse, "Atheism As a Positive Social Force"

Posted By: Alexpal

Raymond W. Converse, "Atheism As a Positive Social Force"
Algora Publishing | ISBN 087586211X | 2003 Year | PDF | 0,91 Mb | 244 Pages

We live in a world which still believes, and lives as if, God exists and directs the workings of the unive. This book is an attempt to set forth the major lines of philosophical argument that support the position of atheism. Along the way, it will also set forth the major philosophical arguments of those who rely upon religion as the support of their belief in the existence of God. As the two counter positions are presented, it is hoped that the contrast between them will open the doors to debate. Recent disasters have raised new questions concerning the role of religion in society. The author does not oppose religion per se; he outlines the growth of religion from a modern historical perspective and shows how atheism can be applied as a positive alternative in facing everyday problems.

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