Comprehensive Ruby Programming

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Comprehensive Ruby Programming

Comprehensive Ruby Programming
by Jordan Hudgens
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1787280640 | 330 Pages | ePUB | 19 MB

Ruby is a powerful, general-purpose programming language that can be applied to any task. Whether you are an experienced developer who wants to learn a new language or you are new to programming, this book is your comprehensive Ruby coding guide. Starting with the foundational principles, such as syntax, and scaling up to advanced topics such as big data analysis, this book will give you all of the tools you need to be a professional Ruby developer. A few of the key topics are: object-oriented programming, built-in Ruby methods, core programming skills, and an introduction to the Ruby on Rails and Sinatra web frameworks. You will also build 10 practical Ruby programs.

Created by an experienced Ruby developer, this book has been written to ensure it focuses on the skills you will need to be a professional Ruby developer. After you have read this book, you will be ready to start building real-world Ruby projects.

What you will learn:

- Learn how to use Ruby code effectively, picking the right tool for the job and not duplicating built-in functionality
- Gain best software development practices, and how to identify and fix common errors
- Absorb core programming skills, such as variables, strings, loops, conditionals, and much more
- Explore object-oriented programming and learn to create modular, reusable code that you can use across projects
- Build 10 practical Ruby programs as you work through the book on topics such as big data analysis and solving Euler equations

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